Banten Tourism Rarely Visited by The Foreign Tourists


SERANG, SatuBanten News- The travel advisory issued by some countries after bombing insidents in Indonesia has no effect for Banten Province. Because the number of foreign tourist which visited Banten is still low. “Eventhough there’s a travel advisory or travel warning, it has no impact for Banten tourism at all, because there’re no tourists who hang-around Banten. Unlike other areas,” said The Chairman of PHRI Banten, Ahmad Sari Alam to reporters on Tuesday (22/05/2018).

According to him, the low number of foreign tourists visiting Banten became the local government’s homework both provincial and district/city. These efforts can be done by creating national and international scale events. “So, not only ceremonial events. We must promote the tourism potential of Banten to target the foreign tourist market,” he said.

According to him, these events should have impacts on the occupancy rate of hotels, restaurants, and the economic development of the community by conducting the event. “It should be evaluated and inventoried from events that have spent APBD and APBN,” he said.

Ahmad said, on a regular day there are no tourists who are strolling or hang-around Banten. Therefore, the Tourism Office of Banten Province was requested to intensively promote the tourism potential of Banten to target the foreign tourist market. “So, it’s really empty in regular day. No tourist in Banten,” he said.

He also stated that the market segmentation of Banten tourism is not like Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and Yogyakarta, as well as some other areas which the tourist market is foreign tourists dominant. “If in Banten, 95 domestic tourists,” he said.

Head of Tourism Office of Banten Province , Eneng Nurcahyati said, the travel advisory to Indonesia from some countries, related to the existence of bomb cases in Surabaya did not affect the visit of foreign tourists. “There seems no impact on it. But, for the hotels data is in PHRI,” she said. (sbs/ysf)

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