Kampung Bekelir, The New Tourist Magnet In Tangerang

Tangerang, Satubanten.coom – Kampung Bekelir is the top ten tourist destinations in Banten Province. The village that was originally labeled as slum village was converted into a thematic village.

Kampung Bekelir located in RW 01 Babakan Sub-district, Tangerang City whose existence has become the only one mural and graffiti village tourist destination in the world. With approximately 4 hectares large, With total 1,175 inhabitants. The name Bekelir is actually a village dialect which means pencil that has many colors to draw.

The chief of Babakan Sub-district, Abu Sofyan said, the initial goal of this thematic village establishment is because the village was labeled as a slum village is. Therefore, the people have a big to make the village as a clean village. “This village was a slum village with a strong desire to change people’s behavior to live better and healthier, now our village become thematic village” said Abu reported by Republika.co.id.

Abu said, there are three concepts in building Kampung Bekelir. Firtly, coloring the roof of the house. Where, the entire roof of the house in the village is colored by using paint. Secondly, by drawing murals and graffiti walls of people’ houses.

Meanwhile, the third is by cleaning and greening the home environment of people. Where, in every yard and streets in the village decorated with flowers, plants and trees. Since it was inaugurated on November 19th last year, Abu said, lots of tourists are visiting to see the charm of the village. Until the end of December, Abu said, about 1,200 tourists has visited the village, both the domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

“The Foreign tourists are coming from Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Philippines, Zimbabwe, America, Australia, Canada, Yemen, Madagascar, Ethiopia, England, Colombia, Netherlands, Taiwan.” He said.

Meanwhile, the domestic tourists are coming from all over Indonesia. Among them are from Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Kalimantan and there are still many visitors from other regions. The visitors are also vary, from students , city government, until the art activist.

While visiting Kampung Bekelir, walking around enjoying the mural art in Kampung Bekelir is a must, and do not forget to take some pictures with unique mural art and colorful building as the background. The mural art themes are also varied like the image of famous figures, animation characters, until the traditions of Tangerang City could be a unique background on the visitors photographs. Futher, Kampung bekelir will providing water tourism that is the tour boat which will bring the tourists through Cisadane river and pass somemesmerizing tourist attractions of Tangerang City. (SBS / 022)

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