Angeun Lada, The Unique Cuisine From Banten – Angeun Lada is a combination of the words “Angeun” and “Lada”. Angeun means soup, and Lada means spicy. Thus, Angeun Lada means souo with spicy flavor. Angeun Lada is one of the traditional dishes from Banten, particularly from Southern Serang, Pandeglang and Lebak. This dish is usually served in some celebrations and during Lebaran holidays and family events.

Angeun Lada is a meat soup that almost similar with Empal Daging. What makes this dish different and unique is the strong scent of Walang leaves and the innards and buffalo flank (tetelan) as the main ingridient. Walang Leafes which scientific name is achasma walang (blum) val is a soft stem plant with 2 or more meters height. It called Walang leaf because this leaf has a strong aroma like an insect Named walang Sangit. This plant is commonly found in the southern part of Banten. Beside used as a mixture of the cuisine, this plant contain atsiri oil which used by baduy people as a repellent of rice pests by burning it in saung huma.

When tasting the dish at the very first time, a unique taste between savory and spicy gravy mixed with the aroma of walang leaves inside the mouth. It’s a little bit strange indeed but, over time the aroma will feel more united with the gravy and the soft flank. So no wonder, the uniqueness of this dish makes Angeun Lada chosen as non-object cultural heritage in 2016. Determined by The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Republic of Indonesia.

But unfortunately, because nowadays people rarely cultivated this leaf so, we could rarely found Angeun Lada. But, There are still some restaurants that serve Angeun Lada in their menu, such as one restaurant in Cipocok, Kedalingan and Petir. In order to not making you wondering the taste of Angeun Lada, Satu Banten News give you the recipe of Angeun Lada so you can cook it at home. Here’s Angeun Lada recipe A La Satu Banten News.

Ingredients of Angeun Lada:
• 1 Kg Meat and/or flank and innards, then cut them into 2x2x2cm
• 250 gr bamboo shoot, sliced thinly
• 2-3 tomatoes, cut into pieces
• 2 stalks of Walang leafes, crushed
• 2 pcs lemon grass
• 5 tablespoons of cooking oil
• Broth

Spices :
• 10 candlenut, fried
• 10 red chilli, burn
• 2 cm cutcheries, roast then peel
• 2 cm ginger, roast then peel
• 10 grains of red onion, roast
• 4 clovers of garlics, roast
• salt and sugar

How to cook Angeun Lada:
1. heat the oil, saute all spices until scented.
2. Put the meat and/or flanks and innard together with the spices. Stir well. Cook it with small fire. add lemongrass and Walang Leaf.
3. Pour the broth, cooked until cooked and soaked. Enter also bamboo shoots and tomatoes. Stir well. cooked briefly. Then Lift it up.
4. Angeun Lada ready to serve. For 10 servings.

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