A Beauty Little Paradise Named Badul Island

Pandeglang (21/06/2018), satubanten.com – Ujung Kulon National Park has some hidden paradise and one of them is Badul Island. Located in Sumur Subdistrict, Pandeglang District, Banten Province, Badul Island is one of the smallest islands in Ujung Kulon National Park.

This island consist mostly white sand and surrounded by clear sea. The sand texture is soft, it’s quite comfortable to walk on it, so beach walking would be a good activity to do there. The crystal clear water around Badul island making all the under water beauty seen.

The coral reefs are kept very well and you can easily find the school of fish. You cannot miss to go snorkeling or diving in such  amazing place.

This island located near Sumur village, this is the crossing spot passed by tourists who want to visit other islands such as Panaitan island and Peucang island. Badul island is easy to access from Sumur. However, due to the small size of island the fishing boats are not able to move closer to the shores of  Badul island, so the tourists need to swim a little bit and walk to get there.

Not only Sumur Village, the tourist also able to go to Badul island from Taman Jaya Village in Ujung Kulon by boat. From both village the trip will take about 30 minutes. You can rent a long boat with a capacity of 25-30 people with Rp 3,500,000 rental fee. To make it cheaper, you could go there with other 25 friends. If you plan to stay, there are some houses that transformed into a homestay in Sumur Village for your stay.

Do not forget to visit other stunning islands, namely Peucang Island, Panaitan Island, Cigenter River in Handeleum Island and Oar Island. The calm and beauty scenery won’t dissapoint you, and you could do some water sports as well.

There are a lot of tour or holiday packages offered to fasilitate you enjoying the islands, and it usually brought you to not only one island but two or three or even 5 islands and other fascinating tourism places nearby. (sbs/03&022)

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